Mouses House Retreat - A short History

In 1978, the Albert & Logan Shire Council approved the first application from Stan & Ruth Warner to create the beginning of the Mouses House resort. By 1980, our first four chalets were completed and by 1985, the original idea of having eight chalets named after Walt Disney's 'Snow White and the seven dwarfs' were completed. Shortly after this, the Warner's sold to Tony & Larissa Franks.

On 1st August 1989, a 50-year Special Lease was granted to Tony Franks. It was a deal agreed to in exchange for 4.8 hectares of environmentally significant land to be added to Springbrook National Park for 2.5 hectares of bordering land around the Mouses House retreat privately owned land. By 1992, a further two chalets, 'Cinderella' and 'Prince Charming', were built on the leasehold land. The office and a hot tub / sauna hut were built around the same time.

In 2003, the 'Wicked Witch' chalet was built under the management of Russell & Alex Quigley. In October 2004, Wayne & Christine Randall purchased the Mouses House retreat from the Franks family. Since then, we have completely renovated all chalets, vastly improving the whole resort, but retaining the same magic and style since opening day. In early 2010, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ chalet was completed. ‘Belle’ chalet, named by our past guests in a competition, is being built in 2015.

We are often asked 'How did the Mouses House get its name?" We haven't been able to talk to Stan or Ruth Warner personally, but their granddaughter told us this: The first building built on the property was the Warner's own home. This house was not 'mouse proofed' and the native Antechinus marsupials were always inside. It became a standing joke among friends of the Warners to say, “We are off to visit the mouses house” and the name stuck! Their house, which is now the home of the Randall family, is still called ‘the Mouses House’. Even today the odd mouse sneaks inside. It also has a time capsule under the stairs, placed there by the Warner's waiting to be opened some time in the future.

Environmental policy

The Mouses House retreat has 13 self-contained chalets in the Gold Coast Hinterland, bordering World Heritage Listed Springbrook National Park. Our vision is to provide the best rainforest retreat accommodation for guests sustainably, whilst preserving the environment. Our philosophy is to achieve sustainability via numerous micro-initiatives born of constant searching for opportunities. We do this via:

  • Water/energy efficient shower-heads (9L/min)
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Full waste water treatment plant for 100% of waste water
  • Electricity reduction via compact fluro & 1, 4 & 5W LED lights
  • Educating guests and staff on importance of using electricity & water efficiently
  • Use of LPG gas wherever possible
  • Recycled waste containers & correct disposal of all clean collected recyclable items at the council waste transfer station
  • Treading softly on our boardwalks to reduce soil erosion provide escape for wildlife, like the native land mullet and ground dwelling birds
  • 'Best Practice' office by using electronic communication, using 100% recycled A4 printing paper, printing dual sided, recycling used ink cartridges, biodegradable rubbish bags, no fax machine
  • Bulk purchase of food & green procurement of chemicals and products; limit small bottle guest amenities
  • Greening the supply chain to ensure products are ethically made
  • Modern energy-saving equipment; roof, wall and floor insulation
  • Complying with all legislation

Early Retreat photos

Rare photo's from ca. 1990


The Mouses House Retreats vision is to become Queensland's number 1 boutique retreat through continuous improvement and development of our product in line with customer feedback and best practice.

Our mission statement is to provide our guests with an extraordinary experience to enjoy the wonders of nature, seclusion, romance, peace and beauty, while offering exceptional customer service to inspire return visits and to preserve the rainforest for generations to come.

First Australians

Meenyahgu Yugambeh dagun - 'Welcome to Yugambeh country' Springbrook National Park's earliest human inhabitants were an Aboriginal kinship group, the Yugambeh who lived in this area, carefully managing and using its rich natural resources. Known as kaban (bush or rainforest) to the Yugambeh, the mountains are sacred and spiritual, places to be nurtured and respected.

Gurilahbu bungill – 'a long, long time ago' Jabreen was the creator of this land. He sent water to fall on the land and to give it life. It flowed towards the ocean, its energy changing as it went, flowing gently here, cascading there, nurturing the needs of all living things along the way. This place became the homeland of the Yugambeh people.

Gulli Yugambehnga gaurema – 'this is the Yugambeh story' … our ancestors have lived in this region for thousands of years. Scattered across the landscape are stone artefacts, rock shelters, rock art, scarred trees and earthen rings. Natural resources were plentiful and families were self-sufficient in all seasons. The Yugambeh family groups were identified as the Wangerriburra, Birinburra, Gugingin, Migunberri, Mununjali, Bollongin, Minjungbal and Kombumerri. The family groups shared language, ceremonies, celebrations and economic exchange. This kinship group used both the open forest and rainforest.

Queensland Tourism Award Finalist 2010
Queensland Tourism Award Finalist 2011
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ABIA Winner
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